The Big Aerial Panorama Tour

Capture e1501298946588 - The Big Aerial Panorama Tour

This is the starting point to the Big Aerial Panorama Tour. There are over 80 panoramas to date. New ones being added regularly. Each panorama is made up from up to 50 individual images taken from a drone at up to 400′ above the ground.

Contact me with any ideas of new locations I should shoot.


  1. Hover your mouse over hotspots to see the name and preview of each Panorama.
  2. Click and drag all around each Panorama.
  3. Make sure your sound is on.
  4. Click on the FULL SCREEN icon (bottom right of controls) for an even better view.
  5. Click on the hotspot/targets to “teleport” yourself to other locations.
  6. Click on the Map icon bottom right to see where in New Zealand you are. (Click the map icon again to make it disappear)
  7. You will see a “tick” on the  preview showing where you have been.