Aerial Services

Tim Whittaker Photography supplies a full range of aerial photographic and video services, using Helicopter, Fixed and UAV

Tim Whittaker Photography has, over the last 7 years, been trialing and developing the Photodrone or UAPV (Unmanned Aerial Photographic Vehicle) and now has a stable high quality working platform

It has a GPS guidance system, gyroscopically stabilized, FPV (First Person View) allowing remote control using a video link. On board also there is an HD video camera and a Hi-Res stills digital camera independently controlled. The HD video link can be viewed by the client in real time during the flight.

The Photodrone is in addition to our fleet of services for Aerial Photographic options complimenting our fixed wing, helicopter  platforms.


Some of the uses include;

  • Elevated Real Estate photography
  • Police crime scene surveillance
  • Fire scene work
  • Promotional HD aerial videos
  • High Structure inspection
  • Disaster zone work
  • Vineyards
  • Municipal Property
  • Civil Engineering projects
  • Televison News
  • Mapping


Tim Whittaker has over 25 years commercial and aerial photography experience and holds Pilots Licences for Balloon, Fixed Wing (PPL), Paraglider & Paramotor. We are also the first in Hawke’s Bay to  hold the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority Part 102 Certification for U.A.V. (Pilotless Aircraft) Operations


Drone Aerial Still Photography
$ 250 from

With an altitude height limit of 400' above ground level this service is suitable for small lifestyle properties and residential

Fixed Wing Aerial Still Photography
$ 350 from

Suitable for wide landscapes and farms etc. Altitudes from 500'-10,000' above ground level

Drone Mapping
$ 375

Low level mapping of smaller areas of around 15 hectares. Resolution to 1cm/pixel

Drone Videography
$ 350 from

Shooting up to 4K resolution , using super stable camera platforms, we shoot everything from Real Estate videos, TV Commercials and aerial surveillance