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Tim Whittaker Photographer

This site is a division of TIM WHITTAKER PHOTOGRAPY LTD and TIM.CO.NZ

Tim Whittaker is an award winning, professional photographer with over 25 years experience in Commercial Photography & Wedding Photography.

Tim is based in Hawke’s Bay, but travels nationwide and overseas for commercial assignments and wedding photography.

Tim offers the broadest range of commercial photography in Hawke’s Bay including aerial and elevated photography, Press & Media Photography, Event Photography, Bottleshots, 360° photography, Real Estate and architectual photography and an extensive Image Library.

Tim Whittaker is a leading professional wedding photographer in Hawke’s Bay. Our wedding photography is unobtrusive with a photo journalistic style. We are spontaneous, passionate, experienced and fun.

Passionate about flying, Tim has flown many types of aircraft including Helicopters, Gliders and Hot Air Balloons and still flies Fixed and Paragliders.

A natural extension to his camera bag saw the introduction of the Multirotor UAV (Drone) in 2010 leading to a new exploration and capture of new angles and images.

AERIAL PANORAMAS are photographed using a Drone , shooting 30-50 RAW file images, then carefully stitched together using advanced software. These “nodes” are then added to  a tour where they can be linked together using cross-hair hot spots when clicked, tele-port you to a new location.

Some Panorama’s have soundscapes embedded with sounds placed in different locations around the 360 degree sphere.

CLICK & DRAG to explore the panorama

There are currently about 70 Aerial Panoramas in the New Zealand Aerial Tour and new pano’s are being added as they are taken.

Not all cross-hair NODE HOTSPOTS are shown  in each Panorama as this would clutter the horizon too much.


map1 e1501299569242 - About Airpano


Use the MAP POP-UP BUTTON at bottom right to see where you are (click it again to make the map disappear ) .


map e1501299628241 - About Airpano



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